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ABCD Model for Leadership: Belonging

Podcast host Tania Salarvand | Podcast guest Anita Sands
June 16, 2021 | 26 min 28 sec

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Brief summary

Dr. Anita Sands shares the ABCD framework to help leaders thrive in today’s ambiguous climate. The second part in the four-part framework explores belonging – the sense of belonging, the clarity of purpose, the shared frame of reference and how it drives people. This podcast helps authentic leaders to apply effective leadership principles in building a culture of belonging. Listen to next: Part 3: Curiosity

Episode Highlights

  • The New Zealand rugby team, the All Blacks, is generally seen as the most winning team across all sports. Many things make up their success, including the sense of belonging - this utmost clarity of purpose, and the shared frame of reference. They take belonging to an extreme level - knowing they are entrusted with a legacy. 
  • TIn moments of crisis when you're under pressure and everything is so uncertain, teams want to get as much benefit from diverse skill sets and experiences. 
  • Belonging is the singular biggest predictor as to whether or not competitive teams will be successful, and whether they will thrive in ambiguity. 
  • In the business world, this idea of inclusion is when there's no price for your ticket at the door. You don't have to check a part of your personality or your life when you come into work. And you feel completely liberated, psychologically safe and free enough to be yourself, to give your best because you know the acceptance and trust is there. 
  • The bond of belonging between your employees and their organizations has to be strong enough of a gravitational pull to offset the power and the pull of the distractions, the interferences and the priorities that the crisis has made evident in their lives. Belonging gets you through adversity. 
  • In this framework, first you practice awareness - to be aware of yourself, you are better able to determine where it is that you belong. Because you have alignment between your vision for self, and vision for the organization. You're going to have an alignment between your own intrinsic values and motivators and the values and the motivators of that team and that organization. 
  • To hear more about belonging and what it means to your digital transformation, check out the presentation from ParadigmShift, Why Your Digital Transformation is Destined to Fail.

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