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Digital Application Management and Operations Services

Shift from routine maintenance to proactive evolution — and maximize the value of your digital assets.


In too many organizations, viewing application management as simply ‘keeping the lights on’ prevents them from evolving their software to meet new business needs. To deliver long-term ROI from digital assets, the way organizations think about software maintenance must change. 


At Thoughtworks, we take the leading engineering practices that revolutionized software development and apply them to application management services. By looking beyond maintenance and focusing on evolution, we help you get maximum business value from your digital assets.

Our end-to-end managed services give you the strategic insight and engineering expertise to:

  • Evolve and optimize your applications to remain responsive and resilient in the face of changing business needs and unexpected events
  • Manage tech debt to reduce the cost of maintaining legacy systems and minimize the risk of failure
  • Free your digital talent to focus on driving growth through high-value innovation, instead of spending time on routine maintenance

Our Digital Application Management and Operations services


Evolve your software alongside your business — delivering rapid ROI,
lower total cost of ownership, and long-term business value.

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Continuous stress-testing, powered by chaos engineering, anomaly detection, machine learning, and other intelligence-driven measures, ensures your applications are ready for anything and your business operations remain resilient.

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A high level of automation for software maintenance tasks reduces management costs and effort, enabling our global teams to focus on evolving your applications to meet changing needs.

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Graphic visualizations of critical metrics based on your desired outcomes provide the insights you need to monitor software performance and optimize operations.


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By proactively evolving digital assets to focus on emerging business and customer needs, and addressing issues at their root cause, your applications deliver value long into the future.

How can we help you plan for the long-term?