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Head & heart: The art of modern leadership

Podcast host Kimberly Boyd | Podcast guest Kirstin Ferguson
November 06, 2023 | 25 min 49 sec

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Brief summary

In today's world, we're all leaders in various aspects of our lives. Effective leadership is crucial, whether at work, home, or in our communities. Kirstin Ferguson, a renowned leadership expert, author, and columnist, shares insights from her book 'Head & Heart: The Art of Modern Leadership,' emphasizing the balance between analytical thinking (head) and emotional intelligence (heart) in leadership. If you're a business leader seeking inspiration to become the kind of leader the world needs, this podcast is for you.



  • Leadership is not confined to traditional roles but extends to parents, community workers, and individuals in various everyday situations.


  • Eight attributes make up a modern leader. Kirstin emphasizes the need for leaders to balance head-based skills (analytical and cognitive abilities) with heart-based qualities (empathy, humility, etc.) for effective leadership.


  • Seeking and accepting feedback as a leader is important and highlights the value of self-awareness.


  • Kirstin advocates for a more inclusive definition of leadership, recognizing the leadership potential in everyone, regardless of their role or title.


  • Leadership is a series of moments that we should all be conscious of our impact on others.


  • A leader's position on the leadership scale can change over time, influenced by circumstances and experiences.


  • A feedback-rich culture brings huge benefit to leadership development and decision-making.

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