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Authors: Patrick Kua

From Novices to Practitioners

This book makes a substantial contribution to the soft side of software: namely one that begins a path towards empirical reflection
on what it means to be a senior software engineer.

In his book, “Talking with Tech Leads”, Patrick has
captured a wide variety of experiences, opinions, and reflections on what it means to bear the responsibilities of a Tech Lead, far beyond “merely” being competent at software delivery.

[Podcast] Talking with tech leads with Pat Kua

Podcast host Neal Ford and Rebecca Parsons | Podcast guest Pat Kua
March 25, 2021 | 30 min 2 sec

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Brief summary

The skill set needed to effectively step up to a tech lead role can be markedly different from the ones you gain as an engineer. That realization is what prompted our former colleague Pat Kua to write his book Talking with Tech Leads. Here, he shares his experiences of how to successfully navigate the journey towards becoming a tech lead.

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Talking with Tech Leads

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Patrick Kua

Technology Leader

Patrick Kua is a seasoned technology leader with almost 20 years of experience. He is a keynote speaker, author, former CTO and Chief Scientist at N26 and former Technical Principal Consultant at Thoughtworks. He is particularly passionate about scaling the next generation of technical leaders and organisations. You will find him currently living in Berlin, working with companies and people all over the world to tackle scaling challenges – in all aspects technical, human and organisational.

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