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Moving Ahead From Agile Testing 2.0

I had written an article posted on Thoughtworks Insights in 2010 on my thoughts on the Future of Test Automation Tools & Infrastructure. Sometime in mid-2014, I started thinking about how the current technology ecosystem and development relates to the Present, and the Future of Testing and the role of the Tester.

I have shared my thoughts about this via a session titled – “Future of Testing, Test Automation and the Quality Analyst” in vodQA, Hyderabad. Slides from the talk are available here, and the video is available below. This talk was also done in vodQA, BangaloreThis talk is independent of the SDLC (Software Development Lifecycle) methodology you are following - Agile, Waterfall, or any other.


With all the focus on Test practices and tools on getting better for the present, what do we need to think about the Future of Testing, in terms of Approach, Tools, Infrastructure, and the role of the Quality Analyst (Tester)? Are we so caught up in the past and present that we are neither thinking nor well equipped to be effective in the future?
Let's explore some thoughts on what we need to do next!
In this talk, I take everyone on a journey of how the Software ecosystem has evolved and what it meant and now means from a Testing Perspective? More importantly, based on the current and upcoming technology and adoption trends, we will look at what the future looks like. We will look at what we need to do to be leaders and influencers in the industry to help shape the future we would like to create – for us, and our colleagues in the field.

We are in a position to define what is Beyond Agile Testing 2.0, and how can we get there. The question is - will we take that next step?


Disclaimer: The statements and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the positions of Thoughtworks.

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