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technology radar edition20

Thoughtworks Technology Radar highlights Kotlin and Terraform ecosystems’ maturity

Latest edition of bi-annual report now available

Thoughtworks, a global software consultancy, has highlighted the growing ecosystems around Terraform and Kotlin that strengthens their position in the enterprise.


The maturing of the Terraform ecosystem will be a boon to CIOs, who can look forward to their staff no longer having to pull all-nighters to deal with unexpected outages. Terraform is an open-source, infrastructure as code software tool which can reduce the chance of creating snowflake servers. Thoughtworks Technology Radar highlights the proliferation of enterprise-ready tools in the Terraform space,


Kotlin too has seen a significant expansion in its available tools, frameworks and support, making it increasingly a viable choice for developers in the enterprise.


“Developers who haven’t yet checked out Kotlin would be well advised to have a look at what it can do. It’s a genuinely good language with solid features and a growing ecosystem,” says Dr. Rebecca Parsons, chief technology officer, Thoughtworks.


Thoughtworks Technology Radar is a bi-annual report that explores the technologies being used by our teams and our clients. It’s our opinion on the tools, techniques, platforms, and languages worth assessing, exploring, adopting and avoiding.


The four trends highlighted in this edition of the Radar are:


  • The Shifting Shape of Data - Today's enterprise data can take on staggering growth in volume, sources and formats. This challenges developers to identify the right tools and strategies to make the most of this data.
  • Terraforming an Ecosystem - Much as the burgeoning ecosystem for Docker and Kubernetes confirmed their importance, we're seeing a similar evolution in the Terraform landscape.
  • Kotlin Klimbing - Kotlin resonates with developers. It keeps appearing across platforms and tools as a general- and special-purpose development language, and increasingly in our Radar.
  • Leaking Encapsulation Boundaries - While adopting "everything as code", we encourage teams to find appropriate encapsulation boundaries and keep business logic in places where developers can apply solid engineering practices.


Visit Thoughtworks.com/radar to explore the interactive version or download the PDF version.