Open-Source Products

We offer tools to help teams build better software, deliver faster and more reliably.

We are thoughtful practitioners: we take pains with our craft, and pass on our learnings through professional services and creating new products. Our tools, based on the learnings from our professional services, help our customers build software faster, continuously improve teams and processes, and drive the change needed to thrive.

Continuous Integration and Delivery

GoCD is an open source CI/CD server specializing in advanced workflow modeling and dependency management. Its value stream map lets you track a change from commit to deploy at a glance, providing superior visibility into your entire workflow.

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Reliable and Low Maintenance Test Automation

Gauge is an open source test automation framework that takes the pain out of acceptance testing. Gauge tests are in markdown which makes writing and maintaining tests easier. Reusable specifications and robust refactoring reduces duplication. Less code and readable specifications means less time spent on maintaining the test suite.

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Reliable Browser Automation

Taiko is a free and open source browser automation tool. It is a node library with a clear and concise API to automate the chrome browser. Taiko uses the Chrome DevTools API and is built ground up to test modern web applications.Taiko addresses the last mile to reliable testing, fixes the underlying problem behind ‘flaky tests’ and improves the browser automation experience. 

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This is an exciting era: the whole stack of how people develop software is changing rapidly. We are proud to be pushing the boundaries of this change, elevating the discussion of how teams build great software.
Chad Wathington

Chief Strategy Officer

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