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Natura Pay Partners with Thoughtworks in its Data Mesh Journey

Natura Pay Partners with Thoughtworks in its Data Mesh Journey

Decentralized socio-technical architecture supports 

analytical data management at scale


Thoughtworks, a global technology consultancy that integrates strategy, design and engineering to drive digital innovation, has partnered with N&CoPay to support its data mesh journey that will drive business growth by enabling it to optimize its use of data.


Data mesh is an analytical data architecture and operating model where data is treated as a product and owned by teams that most intimately know and consume the data. The new approach starts with identifying and prioritizing use cases by business domains which have the highest potential to deliver business value.  With the development of the platform's capabilities, the work scales and is used more widely across the organization, enabling other domains.


“As a product-oriented, digital native, we are very excited to partner with Thoughtworks. We see great synergies, particularly in our approach to  multidisciplinary and autonomous teams. Bringing data discipline into product engineering teams will allow us to democratize data usage and accessibility at scale with confidence, so business users can make faster decisions,” explains Victor Hossepian, senior manager at N&CoPay.


Thoughtworks is currently in the incubation phase, working on a self-service data platform that is easy to use, affordable, fast, flexible and standardized, and that will enable the creation of mission-critical data products and the first use cases to generate relevant information to support N&CoPay's business.


Before starting development, Thoughtworks undertook a detailed study  of N&CoPay’s data architecture, identifying existing data sources and how that data was used. Thoughtworks identified the benefits that could be achieved by considering N&CoPay’s former centralized data lake architecture.


“Right now, our incubation team is working on the implementation of the first data products and platform functions. With this, we will establish the data governance board, implement the first organizational changes for the new operating model, integrate the minimal viable product (MVP) of data products and domains with operations and work on internally communicating the results to better foster interest and engagement in the transformation,” explains Magna Fernandes, data principal at Thoughtworks Brazil.


The data mesh approach will enable N&CoPay to deliver the company’s  strategic business objectives while giving  domain experts autonomy – and in so doing, reducing the time between data creation and business insights. 


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