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A culture of learning is core to Thoughtworks. Every moment we are on the client site, or working with other Thoughtworkers, or part of community meet-ups, we are learning. The passion we have for continuously improving ourselves and others is what motivates us as individuals, and sets us apart as an organisation.

We strive to be at the forefront of our industry by continually learning and adapting to meet new challenges so that we can make a positive impact as a collective.

At Thoughtworks Thailand, everyone is free to own and drive their learning journey. While we rely on the passion of each individual to do this, we support their journey via training workshops, leadership programmes, self-learning courses, community groups and more. We have programs in place that will help you chart your own career path and resources to aid you on your journey to become who you want to be. 

Your first week

Our induction and onboarding program helps you settle into Thoughtworks. In your first week here, you get a 360-degree view of what life is like at Thoughtworks, including our history, culture and what it means to be a Thoughtworker. Hires into our professional services team will also go through our core engineering and delivery practices workshop so that you can familiarise yourself with our unique ways of working and are ready to become an awesome partner to our clients. 

A commitment to continuous learning and technology excellence is core to every Thoughtworker. Based on your aspirations and where you are in your career, you’ll be paired with a mentor who will help support your growth and development through your journey at Thoughtworks. 

Launch your career in tech

Our entry-level program embraces trainees from all walks of life and is designed to help you jumpstart your career in tech. All you need is a keen passion for technology and learning.

Thoughtworks University is an immersive global entry-level program designed to prepare you for life as a Thoughtworker. You'll spend 5 weeks in India or China with a global network of peers learning how to build and deliver working software from day one. You’ll return home with hands-on experience, ready to tackle the most ambitious challenges for our clients, plus lifelong friendships from Thoughtworkers around the world. Due to the current health pandemic, this program is being delivered online.

Invest in your career

A hunger for understanding new ideas and learning new skills allows us to adapt to the pace of technological change. We regularly run training workshops and programs that support your development in core capabilities including consulting skills, engineering, delivery and security, as well as specialist areas like Machine Learning, Data, Cloud technologies and more so that you can grow your skills and take on new challenges as you progress in your journey here. You also have access to a personal development budget that you can use to grow your skills by attending courses, conferences or getting certified in areas that are aligned with the business.

Become a Thought Leader

Whether you are leading a team or looking to upskill, we offer a variety of leadership development programs to help you thrive as a leader in any context. Once you join Thoughtworks, you’ll also become part of our global community of thought leaders. We offer additional support for Thoughtworkers who want to share their knowledge including conference speaking support and training, publishing articles and blogs, writing books or speaking at our hosted tech talk series Thoughtworks Talks Tech or our annual XConf tech event.

Join a community of learners
Join a community of learners

Join a community of learners

We believe that when we help others grow, we grow ourselves. Our culture of collective learning has connected us with many communities and learning groups where we share our experiences and knowledge. We partner and work with leading community groups such as UX Thailand and Agile Tour Bangkok. We also host learning groups for roles beyond software development including business analysts, experience designers, QAs and project managers.