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What's it like to maintain an award-winning open source tool?

Podcast host Rebecca Parsons and Scott Shaw | Podcast guest Srinivasan Sekar and Sai Krishna
November 02, 2023 | 28 min 35 sec

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Brief summary

Open source contributors and maintainers play a vital role in the technology ecosystem. But what's it like to develop and maintain an open source tool — especially one that thousands of other developers use and depend on?


In this episode of the Technology Podcast, Srinivasan Sekar and Sai Krishna join hosts Rebecca Parsons and Scott Shaw to discuss their work on AppiumTestDistribution, an open source tool that supports test automation framework Appium. AppiumTestDistribution won a LambdaTest Delta Award at the August 2023 Testμ Conference.


Listen to Sekar and Krishna explain how the project emerged, how they approach maintaining and evolving the tool and what it takes to be a part of an award-winning open source project.

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