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Extended reality

Create engaging experiences that inspire buyers,

empower employees, and drive growth

Extended reality has the potential to accelerate buying journeys, transform how businesses engage with their customers, and even streamline workflows in complex and remote industrial environments. But many organizations struggle to unlock the full monetizable opportunity of XR technology.


Thoughtworks identified the antipatterns that prevent organizations from making the most of XR very early on. Now, we help teams across industries build unique, compelling experiences that are aligned with their core business goals and deliver tangible value.


We’ll work with you to understand your aspirations, iteratively create the best possible XR experiences, and bring strategically relevant XR experiences to market at speed.


Our services include

XR Blog
XR-enhanced open spaces

Build and deliver immersive experiences that engage audiences of all ages. Augment journeys at museums, exhibitions, sports events, and even in your customers’ own homes, with accessible XR touchpoints that create exceptional experiences and lasting memories. 


XR-based online engagement

Bridge the gap between the physical and digital world and connect with your customers in augmented digital environments. Empower them to see, configure, and interact with your products and services in engaging new ways that accelerate decision-making and drive loyalty.


Industrial XR

Transform field work, maintenance, training, and product design with digital tools that augment and extend your physical workplaces. Improve safety by enabling teams to digitally navigate complex and dangerous processes, and empower remote workers to connect in collaborative digital spaces.


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