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Automation of technical tests

Last updated : Jan 31, 2011
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Jan 2011
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We strongly believe that all software delivery organizations need to be making use of automated technical tests. This sort of test spans failover testing, performance testing and soak testing among others; these activities can start early in a project’s life-cycle and continue through to maintenance. The common practice of waiting until near the end of a project is fraught with risk with little time available to find and fix problems. For example the requirement for a comprehensive production-like environment before the start of performance testing is a dangerous fallacy, we can discover bottlenecks, track performance trends and test our performance tests, without waiting for a perfect environment.
Aug 2010
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Apr 2010
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Significant advances in the tools for automating functional testing haven’t been replicated in the technical testing space. Data management for performance, load and soak testing is a particular issue. However, the tools are improving and increased visibility for these tools supports the early and often technical testing that we advocate.
Published : Apr 29, 2010

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