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Bruno Aziza

Head of Data & Analytics, Google Cloud

I specialize in scaling businesses & turning them into global leaders. I've helped companies of all sizes: startups, mid-size, and large public companies. I helped launch Alpine Data Labs (bought by Tibco), AppStream (bought by Symantec), SiSense (bought Periscope Data) & AtScale. I was at Business Objects when we went IPO (after acquiring Acta & Crystal Reports, & before SAP bought us for $7B). I was at Microsoft when we turned the Data & Analytics business into a $1B giant.

I specialize in high-growth SaaS, enterprise software, everything data, analytics, data science and artificial intelligence. I was educated in the US, France, the UK & Germany. I've written 2 books on Data Analytics and Enterprise Performance Management.

My allegiance is to the Analytics Community worldwide. Not a particular vendor. And my views are my own.