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Data Mesh in practice

Our learnings from implementing Data Mesh at Roche



In May 2019, Thoughtworker Zhamak Dehghani introduced the world to Data Mesh — a distributed paradigm created to help bring leading practices such as self-service, Product Thinking, and domain-oriented design into the world of data architecture. Since then, chances are you’ve heard a lot more about Data Mesh. But most of the writing, discussion, and exploration of the topic that we’ve seen has been largely theoretical. Until now.


Data Mesh in practice takes a detailed walk through an ongoing Data Mesh implementation project at Roche, one of the world’s largest healthcare companies. 


From its inception, we’ve always known that Data Mesh is — and requires — far more than just technology and architectural transformation. With it comes huge changes in how data experts, domain teams, and even senior strategists work. In this E-book, we lay out how to simultaneously manage the cultural, operational, process, product, and technology changes that come together to form the Data Mesh journey.


Inside we explore:


  • How to manage domain teams and evolve organizational structures in line with the Data Mesh paradigm

  • Detailed walkthroughs of robust discovery processes that lead to the creation of high-value data products

  • The new ways of thinking that should be embedded at every level of an organization throughout its Data Mesh journey

  • Our own proven, 3-stream approach to Data Mesh inception, discovery, and implementation

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