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technology radar may 2015

Thoughtworks Targets Impactful Enterprise Security Issues in Latest Report

International Advisory Board of Leading Technologists Issue Newest Edition of Tech Radar

Thoughtworks, a global technology company, today issued the latest Technology Radar, an assessment of trends significantly impacting software development and business strategy. The Technology Radar sets out the current changes in software development - things in motion to pay attention to based upon Thoughtworks’ day-to-day work and experience solving their clients’ toughest challenges.


“In this edition of Technology Radar, we again highlight the issue of security and privacy,” said Dr. Rebecca Parsons, CTO of Thoughtworks. “The Internet of Things (IoT) and proliferation of connected devices is changing the way companies think about software. Building and deploying secure software is the responsibility of all stakeholders involved in the process not just the developer or CSO. Further complicating things, the threat landscape continually evolves, meaning that security concerns are never completely resolved.”


“Every business organization across the globe is dealing with unprecedented cyber-security threats,” said Craig Gorsline, President and Chief Operating Officer of Thoughtworks. “As business leaders attempt to make sense of the changing security landscape, we advocate for taking a holistic approach to building resilient systems. It is not enough to build security around an application, it must be part of the entire development process.”


The notable themes in this edition of Technology Radar include:


  • Innovation in Architecture - Organizations have accepted that “cloud” is the de-facto platform of the future, and the benefits and flexibility it brings have ushered in a renaissance in software architecture. We expect innovation to continue, with trends such as containerization and software-defined networking providing even more technical options and capability.
  • A New Wave of Openness at Microsoft - Microsoft seems to be embracing a new strategy of openness, releasing large parts of the .NET platform and runtime as open-source projects on GitHub. We’re hopeful that this could pave the way to Linux as a hosting platform for .NET, allowing the C# language to compete alongside the current bevy of JVM-based languages.
  • Security Struggles Continue in the Enterprise - Developers are responding with increased security infrastructure and tooling, building automated test tools into deployment pipelines. Such tools are of course only part of a holistic approach to security, and we believe all organizations need to “raise their game” in this space.


Visit Thoughtworks.com/radar to access the interactive version or download the PDF version.


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