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Published : Oct 26, 2022
Oct 2022
Assess ? Worth exploring with the goal of understanding how it will affect your enterprise.

Harness Cloud Cost Management is a commercial tool that works across all three of the major cloud providers and their managed Kubernetes clusters to help visualize and manage cloud costs. The product calculates a cost efficiency score by looking at idle resources as well as resources not allocated to any workload and uses historical trends to help optimize resource allocation. The dashboards highlight cost spikes and allow a user to register unexpected anomalies, which are then fed into their reinforcement learning algorithm around anomaly detection. Cloud Cost Management can recommend adjustments to limits for memory and CPU usage, with options to optimize for either cost or performance. "Perspectives" allows you to group costs based on organizationally defined filters (which could correspond to business units, teams or products) and automate report distribution to bring visibility into cloud spend. We believe Cloud Cost Management offers a compelling feature set to help organizations mature their FinOps practices.

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