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ABCD Model for Leadership: Awareness

Podcast host Tania Salarvand | Podcast guest Anita Sands
June 09, 2021 | 25 min 11 sec

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Brief summary

As we slowly emerge from the coronavirus pandemic, this four-part series with Dr. Anita Sands, a global technology and business leader, shares the ABCD framework to help leaders thrive in today’s ambiguous climate. The first principle is awareness – how you deal with changing environments as each day unfolds. This podcast will help guide authentic leaders feel more resourceful and better equipped to deal with other forms of ambiguity and to be yourself, skillfully. Listen to next: Part 2 | Belonging

Episode highlights

  • Acute ambiguity is an entirely different animal than change and disruption. We need a new form of resilience, because in a situation of acute ambiguity where things are changing dynamically and quickly, you can't bounce back to something that's no longer there.
  • The A-B-C-D Model: A stands for awareness, B is for belonging, C is for curiosity and D is for drive. Awareness is how you deal with change as it is unfolding. To have resilience throughout and after them, you have to start with awareness. 
  • To have resilience throughout and after them, you have to start with awareness. 
  • We need to know what effect various situations are most likely to have on us. If you know your strengths, you know your vulnerabilities, and you know what's likely to trigger you. Then you're in a much better position to effectively respond to what is happening around you rather than to react to it. 
  • It’s important for managers and leaders to recognize how this crisis has unfolded for different cohorts of employees differently and what it's meant for them. Employees want to know that leaders recognize what is going on and that they are willing to talk about it in a way that's candid and in a way where they balance reality with optimism. 
  • Self-awareness is really about knowing who it is that's dealing with these tectonic shifts that are moving under our feet. And it's about knowing who you are, what you bring to the table. But also knowing then what strengthens you? What weakens you? What depletes you? It's also – minding where your mind goes in times of ambiguity.

ABCD Model for Leadership: Part 2: Belonging | Part 3: Curiosity | Part 4: Drive

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