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Finally, the handbook that every software architect needs.

Software architecture is frequently highlighted as one of the most desirable careers. But there's never been a handbook that gives you everything you need to know to succeed — until now.

Fundamentals of Software Architecture explores the principles of software architecture; examines the strengths and weaknesses of different architectural patterns; and uniquely, the book also explores the techniques and soft skills software architects must master.

Why the fundamentals of software architecture? And why now?

Fundamentals of Software Architecture

[Podcast] Fundamentals of Software Architecture

Podcast host Rebecca Parsons | Podcast guest Neal Ford and Mark Richards
February 21, 2020 | 35 min 24 sec

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Brief summary

Rebecca Parsons talks to Neal Ford and Mark Richards about their new book that promises to become the definitive guide to software architecture. The book provides a concise overview on what's needed to become a software architect.

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We all know how busy are lives are right now. And it's not always possible to catch events as they happen. That's why we're offering you the chance to catch up on our exclusive chat with Mark Richards and Neal Ford.

The two authors chat to Birgitta Boeckeler about their new book Fundamentals of Software Architecture — and explore whether there really are any best practices when it comes to software architecture.

Neal Ford

Software Architect at Thoughtworks

Neal Ford's titles are Director, Software Architect, and Meme Wrangler at Thoughtworks. He's also the designer and developer of applications, articles, video presentations, and author and/or editor of an increasingly large number of books spanning a variety of subjects and technologies, including his recent Building Evolutionary Architectures. His professional focus includes designing and building of large-scale enterprise applications. He's also an internationally known speaker, speaking at over 700 developer conferences worldwide, delivering more than 3000 presentations.

Mark Richards

Software Architect and Published Author

Mark is a hands-on software architect with over 30 years experience in the industry, with more than 20 of those years having played the role of an application architect, integration architect, and enterprise architect. He has experience creating and delivering Microservices Architectures, Service-Based Architectures, and Service-Oriented Architectures. He's a published author, conference speaker, trainer, and founder of DeveloperToArchitect.com

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