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[Webinar] Selecting the Right Agile Tools

There is no Agile in a Box

Enterprises that are successful with agile software methods know that "Individuals and Interactions" are more important than "Processes and Tools". But the right tools really can make a big difference, particularly when their primary objective is to make individuals and their interactions more productive and meaningful. Cyndi Mitchell, Managing Director, Thoughtworks Studios, talks about how to choose tools that are fit for agile teams across your organization. She also discusses the philosophy behind Thoughtworks Studios' Adaptive ALM: Agile tools must be agile and adapt to the way teams work. They should also improve the lives of everyone in the team from developers, testers, analysts, managers and stakeholders, by providing just the right level of support for collaboration, management and engineering practices. What this webinar covers

  • Why real-time data is important (and often elusive) in agile software development projects
  • Why you should respect the interrelated nature of agile collaboration, management and engineering practices
  • How to choose a toolset that enables, rather than constrains, your agile teams
  • How to choose a toolset that maximises real-time, true-to-life visibility into what's going on on your agile projects


About the speaker

Cyndi is the Managing Director of Thoughtworks Studios where she has general management responsibility for global strategy, sales, marketing, business development, product engineering and customer success. Cyndi is passionate about the potential for software to have a strategic impact on most organizations. She helps business and technology leaders around the world develop cultures and organizational practices that increase responsiveness and create competitive advantage through software. Since she joined Thoughtworks in 2002, Cyndi has served the company in a variety of roles including development, consulting and general management. Prior to leading Thoughtworks Studios, Cyndi was Managing Director of Thoughtworks UK. Cyndi has also served as a Senior Architect with Sun Microsystems in New York, Chicago, and London. She started her career with Andersen Consulting in Chicago.

Disclaimer: The statements and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the positions of Thoughtworks.

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