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digital transformation game plan

Digital Transformation Game Plan: Thoughtworkers Share 34 Tenets for Merging Tech and Business

Book includes actionable advice and practical case studies to help businesses transform

Thoughtworks, a global software consultancy, today announced the availability of Digital Transformation Game Plan: 34 Tenets for Masterfully Merging Technology and Business, published by O’Reilly Media. The book was written by business leaders, for business leaders who believe in transforming enterprises through technology. It provides clarity and a path forward for companies reckoning with the Fourth Industrial Revolution and one of the most disruptive environments businesses have ever faced.


Digital Transformation Game Plan outlines the challenges business leaders face throughout the process of transformation and focuses on three critical areas of opportunity—realigning business and operating architecture to focus on customer value; creating an agile and responsive organization; and mobilizing tech to be a core competency and differentiator.


With this book, readers will learn how to:


  • Re-define What Delivering “Value” Means to Customers: Leaders must restructure their goals and strategy from being organization-written to customer-written
  • Meet Heightened Customer Expectations: As customer value changes rapidly and continually, business strategy and tech strategy need to be merged into one simplified model that’s lightweight enough to adapt to and absorb change
  • Mobilize Tech at Your Core to Withstand and Adapt to Constant Change: Leaders need to remove any lingering boundary to mobilize world-class tech at the core of the business
  • Create a Culture of Rapid Responsiveness: Leaders need to create a responsive organization by infusing agile into every part of the business to pivot fast with data as their North Star
  • Become a New Kind of Leader: Business leaders must become more tech savvy as they can no longer rely on digital talent to carry them through and beyond a digital transformation


Jim Highsmith, a leader in the agile community and author of the world-renowned books Adaptive Leadership and Agile Project Management, said the following about Digital Transformation Game Plan:


“We are living in an inflection point in economic history, from the pre-digital to the digital age. How will you respond—with bandages here and there or with a sustained revamping of your organization’s measures of success, organizational structure, and approach to technology? If you need a good roadmap to the future, look to The Digital Transformation Game Plan as a great place to start your journey.”


Authors of The Digital Transformation Game Plan, Gary O’Brien, Guo Xiao and Mike Mason, have decades of experience helping executives, teams and inpiduals adopt and improve techniques to build humanistic organizations more capable of responding to the increasing pace of change.


Gary O’Brien is a principal consultant and organization designer at Thoughtworks with over 25 years’ experience as a business technology leader. He is also the co-creator of the Digital Fluency Model.


Guo Xiao is the president and chief executive officer of Thoughtworks and has been at the company for 20 years holding positions from programmer to managing director of Thoughtworks China.


Mike Mason is the global head of technology at Thoughtworks and is passionate about bridging the tech-business pide and helping others understand what applied technology can do for their business.


Digital Transformation Game Plan is available to purchase in print or via digital download. To download for free the first three chapters visit thoughtworks.com/books/digital-transformation-game-plan#download.