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Last updated : Apr 03, 2024
Apr 2024
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Maestro is extremely useful when testing complex flows in mobile applications. Our teams have found it easy to learn, easy to understand and easy to integrate into our development workflow. Maestro supports a range of mobile platforms including iOS, Android, React Native and Flutter apps. Its declarative YAML syntax simplifies the automation of complex mobile UI interactions. Based on the tool's evolution, marked by enhanced features like comprehensive iOS support and the introduction of tools like Maestro Studio and Maestro Cloud, we encourage anyone seeking to optimize their mobile application testing processes to give it a try.

Sep 2023
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Maestro is a new cross-platform mobile UI test automation tool with built-in tolerance for flakiness and variance in application load times because of network or external factors. With a declarative YAML syntax, it makes it easy to write and maintain automated tests for mobile apps. It supports iOS and Android native apps, React Native and Flutter apps, as well as a variety of features for automating complex mobile UI interactions, such as tapping, scrolling and swiping. Maestro is distributed as a single binary for ease of use, runs in interpreted mode and makes it easy to author new tests thanks to features like continuous mode. Maestro still lacks specific features like support for iOS devices, but the tool is rapidly evolving.

Published : Sep 27, 2023

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