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CI/CD infrastructure as a service

Published : Apr 26, 2023
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Apr 2023
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The options for CI/CD infrastructure as a service have become so manifold and mature that the cases in which it's worth managing your entire CI infrastructure yourself are becoming very rare. Using managed services like GitHub Actions, Azure DevOps or Gitlab CI/CD comes with all the common advantages (and trade-offs) of managed cloud services. You don't have to spend time, effort and hardware costs on maintenance and operations of this often complex infrastructure. Teams can take advantage of elasticity and self-service, whereas provisioning more of the right agents or getting a new plugin or feature are often a bottleneck in companies that host CI themselves. Even the use cases that require to run build and verification on your own hardware can now mostly be covered with self-hosted runners (we've written about some for GitHub Actions, actions-runner-controller and the Philips's self-hosted GitHub runner). Note, however, that you won’t get out-of-the-box security just because you are using a managed services; while mature services provide all the security features you need, you'll still need to use them to implement zero trust security for your CI/CD infrastructure.

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