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Image of two people walking
Image of two people walking

GenAI: What consumers want

A landmark study

Discover the business opportunities of deploying GenAI in a way that dovetails with consumer demands

Thoughtworks has published a major new study in consumer attitudes to generative AI (GenAI). It highlights genuine consumer excitement about the technology’s potential, while uncovering potential pitfalls relating to consumer fears.


Read the report to find out:


  • The types of products and services consumers are excited to see using GenAI

  • The worries consumers have over businesses using GenAI

  • The opportunities that exist for organizations that use GenAI responsibly


Thoughtworks has a long history of working with artificial intelligence technology. We’ve partnered with businesses and public sector organizations across the globe to leverage the transformative power of GenAI to drive intelligent advantage by creating new products, services and business models.

Highlights from the report

Seize the GenAI opportunity


Across the globe, 42% of consumers say they're more likely to buy from businesses using GenAI


Consumers want GenAI to serve them better


More than eight out of 10 (83%) of consumers agreed that businesses can use GenAI to be more innovative and to serve them better


Beware the risks of not adopting responsibly


If a business fails to incorporate responsible and ethical thinking when using GenAI, 93% of those surveyed say they risk facing detrimental impacts

Consider use cases carefully


Nearly two-thirds of consumers (64%) worry that businesses using GenAI will lack a human touch


Discussing consumer attitudes and responsible AI

Thoughtworks’ Chief AI Officer Mike Mason, Mozilla Foundation’s Ramak Molavi Vasse’i and Vanson Bourne’s Lauren Woodley discuss the report's findings and offer tips on how to take a responsible approach to this fast evolving technology (26:31 minutes).

headshot photo of Mike Mason

"In a world where trust is paramount, businesses must understand that gaining the public’s confidence through ethical AI is not just a regulatory obligation, it's a strategic advantage. For decades, Thoughtworks has advised our clients on how to tap into the full advantage of the latest emerging technology while also building responsible governance into business processes to protect customers’ trust."


Mike Mason

Chief AI Officer, Thoughtworks

Learn how to seize the GenAI opportunity