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Expedia | Thoughtworks

Re-establishing technology leadership delivers market results

Expedia loves travel. As one of the world’s leading online travel companies, their aim is to make researching, planning and booking business or leisure trips simple.

From inventing online travel to now serving more than 50 million unique visitors per month, Expedia.com knows that their success depends on the ability to better their services to meet rapidly evolving consumer needs. They are constantly improving performance and reliability - streamlining the experience of researching and purchasing travel, to convert site visitors into customers.

Seeing the direct link between technology leadership and market success, Expedia partnered with Thoughtworks to revolutionize their web platform and approach to building software. The new approach was based on fast experimentation and feedback loops designed to quickly bring customers what they wanted.

Thoughtworks engaged with Expedia engineering teams in six locations across five countries to architect and implement a modern web platform and Continuous Delivery environment. The new environment enabled Expedia’s culture of experimentation and technical excellence to re-emerge from constraints that had grown up as their original technical infrastructure had aged.

Continuous Delivery is now business as usual at Expedia.com with hundreds of software developers around the world working together in a highly-productive shared software development environment

Flexibility and speed are essential to online businesses like Expedia. Continuous Delivery gives us both, significantly enhancing our ability to serve our customers. Thoughtworks gave us the tools and confidence to make Continuous Delivery a reality at Expedia.
Aman Bhutani, SVP
Expedia Worldwide Engineering

In the first three months using the new approach, Expedia ran more experiments on the site than in the entire previous year. This helped fuel increasing conversion rates and led to significantly improved business performance. Expedia is once again seen as a technology leader among online travel agents, and their world-class approach to software engineering means the best is yet to come.

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