31 Dec 2018

Hacks Para Tu Carrera

[Episode 4] A day in the life of a ThoughtWorks' Graduate Developer: Safira Nugroho

Safira Nugroho

26 Dec 2018


Leading a living, breathing and agile enterprise

Sunil Mundra

23 Dec 2018

Gestión de Proyectos Agiles

Risk Management for Engineering Resilience

Anthony O'Connell

18 Dec 2018

Hacks Para Tu Carrera

Less interviews, more JoI

Jade Daubney

18 Dec 2018

Hacks Para Tu Carrera

Leadership as continuous improvement

Roseanne Malfucci

17 Dec 2018


The responsible organization

Laura Paterson

17 Dec 2018

Pruebas de Software

10 ways to ramp up automation test coverage

Haritha Hari

11 Dec 2018


Capturing data pipeline errors functionally with Writer Monads

Arun Manivannan

7 Dec 2018


How I finally found my tribe and opportunities to help others

Nathan Urquhart

1 Dec 2018

Hacks Para Tu Carrera

Day in the life of Charlotte Fereday

Charlotte Fereday

27 Nov 2018


Works on my machine… and also everywhere else: local build and testing environments as code

Charles Korn

22 Nov 2018

Hacks Para Tu Carrera

Peer to peer sharing and art representation in the New York office

Julien Deswaef

20 Nov 2018


Three cultural principles for sustainable social change

Oli Gibson

14 Nov 2018


Using the Tech Radar to boost your career

Gareth Morgan

13 Nov 2018


Macro-tendencias en la industria tecnológica | Nov 2018

Mike Mason

12 Nov 2018


The technical mechanics of modernizing your tech estate

George Earle and Mike Mason

5 Nov 2018


Modernizing your build pipelines

Mario Fernandez

5 Nov 2018

Estrategia Digital

El imperativo empresarial para modernizar su estado tecnológico

George Earle and Mike Mason

2 Nov 2018


The seven tenets of new age business analysis

Namrita Bhat-Rao and Sneha Prabhu

30 Oct 2018


Diversity is being invited to the party, Inclusivity is being asked to dance

Nimisha Girijan

29 Oct 2018


Celebrating 25 Years of courageous leadership

Reyne Quackenbush

25 Oct 2018

Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence

[Episode 3] A Day in the Life of a ThoughtWorks' Lead Data Engineer: Lex Toumbourou

Lex Toumbourou

23 Oct 2018


Making art more accessible through tech

Matheus Tait and Youssef Bouguerra