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Joy of Interviewing

Decoding the Thoughtworks interview process

Embrace your future with Thoughtworks


We're excited about your interest in joining Thoughtworks and want to provide you with a glimpse into our hiring process, affectionately known as "JOI" - Joy of Interviewing!


You will be welcomed with an open mind, ready to embark on a journey that will assess your skills and showcase your potential, cultural values and leadership prowess.


Understanding JOI


JOI isn't just a process, it's a philosophy that guides our approach to hiring. It's about discovering your potential with regards to the specific demands of the role, understanding your alignment with Thoughtworks culture and values, and assessing your leadership capabilities. Our aim is to ensure a strong match between you and Thoughtworks. It's important to note that while JOI provides the foundation, the specific path may vary for different roles and career levels.


Below is an overview of the typical stages in the interview process at Thoughtworks:


1. Recruiter screening

Once your application has been reviewed, you’ll connect with your recruiter through a zoom/phone call. This is an opportunity for you and Thoughtworks to better understand each other and determine if there's a mutual fit. Together you will discuss what Thoughtworks offers as an employer of choice and what you bring to the company, with questions covering various aspects such as your motivations, role requirements, expectations, technical abilities and alignment with Thoughtworks’ culture.

2. Role-specific interviews

You will typically participate in two rounds of interviews tailored to your specific role. These could include traditional interviews, hands-on pairing exercises, role play/case study scenarios and more. Your recruiter will provide you with more detailed information as soon as you get there. 


3. Cultural alignment

This interview is where we dive deeper into how you and Thoughtworks match beyond the technical aspects of your role. You and your interview partner will discuss various questions around collaboration, cultivation (aka growth) and Thoughtworks’ commitment to social change.

4. Leadership interview

Regardless of our roles, experience levels or geographic locations, at Thoughtworks we’re all leaders in development. In this interview, we’ll explore your key leadership skills, align your career aspirations with what Thoughtworks can offer and determine the support you need to be successful at your job.


This includes carefully considering feedback from everyone you've met to determine whether an offer can be made. We are committed to a culture of feedback and whether or not an offer is extended, we will gladly provide you with actionable feedback to help you in your professional growth.

Preparing for the adventure ahead

We understand that preparation is the key to success. Your recruiter will be able to guide you on how to prepare for your specific interview process.


Don’t waste time on a flashy CV. An updated LinkedIn profile or equivalent is sufficient, focusing on the essentials.

Diversity, equity and inclusion

At Thoughtworks, we're deeply committed to fostering diversity, equity and inclusion. Our interview panels aim to reflect the rich tapestry of our organization, ensuring a fair and representative assessment process. We encourage you to let your recruiter know if you have any specific needs to ensure you can present your best self during the interview.


We hope you found this overview useful. For additional insights and tips, please visit our application process page.


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