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Webinars India
Webinars India

Webinars India

Webinar series featuring the latest thinking on technology and innovation, for practitioners.

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Neelu Tripathy

Episode 9: Security Testing for Modern Applications

11th October, 2019

Application Security Consultant, Neelu Tripathy, talks through the traditional and newer methods of Pentesting Applications, along with an analysis of the changing requirements and agile lifecycles that affect Security testing for modern applications. We tie this in with the fast paced DevOps lifecycles and explore the challenges when scaling security for such applications across the organization.

Avinash Chugh

Episode 8: Embracing Changing Technology Paradigms

29th August, 2019

Head of Technology, Avinash Chugh talks through why today is perhaps one of the best times to embrace the field of software and technology - primarily because of the myriad of tools, languages, platforms, and frameworks that are out there, but also because of the increasing array of responsibilities that are being thrown at technologists - building software that lasts, is secure and respects privacy, and all while thinking about the ethics of the systems that are being built.

Prasanna and Kishan
Episode 7: Everyday Cryptography using Open Source tools

14th November, 2018

Senior Consultants Prasanna and Kishan will be exploring the constructs of cryptographic techniques in this webinar. They also cover the importance of algorithms like AES, HMAC, ECDSA, RSA and more, along with a live demo using open source tools.

Sunil - Webinar Speaker Headshot
Episode 6. Building Decentralized, Federated Social Applications using ActivityPub

31st October, 2018

Join Sunil Adapa, Lead Technical Consultant at Thoughtworks, as he talks us through the need for decentralization and federation of the web, and how applications created using ActivityPub protocol, allows interoperability across social applications and enables them to federate as a common platform.

Episode 5. Building a Culture of Sustainable Innovation

30th October, 2018

Join Swapnil Deshpande, Head of Innovation at Thoughtworks, as he talks about how large enterprises need to imbibe a culture of sustainable innovation within their organizations and a sneak peek into the Thoughtworks culture of innovation.

Episode 4. Evolutionary Architecture

24th October, 2018

Join Prasanna and Bharat on this webinar, to understand the need for a different way of thinking about software architecture in the agile world and learn the characteristics of Evolutionary Architectures that can gracefully withstand change over time.

Episode 3. Functional Programming in JS & ESNext

7th August, 2018

Navin Singh and Ram Shinde cover the principle concepts of functional programming and how they can be applied in JavaScript. The webinar also covers how new updates are brought into ECMAScript and which are the ones to watch out for.

Harinee Muralinath
Episode 2. Application Security - An Easy Start

8th November, 2017

Join Harinee Muralinath, Practice Lead - Security at Thoughtworks, for a Facebook Live session, where she will introduce you to an approach that starts with a basic continuous feedback cycle for application security.

Arti Pande
Episode 1. IoT - Edge Computing

31st August, 2017

Hear Arti Pande, Lead Technical Consultant at Thoughtworks, talk about Edge Computing in IoT systems and how it can be used to address some of the challenges that traditional cloud systems pose.