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Micro frontend webinar series

April 28 - May 12

Modern web applications tend to have complex and feature-loaded frontends. A single team building and evolving the frontend not only add bottlenecks to the delivery process but significantly slows it down as well.


Micro frontend is a design paradigm that helps scale teams up to deliver complex frontends. The approach allows teams to develop multiple micro frontends in parallel and keep the domain responsibility within a bounded context. It also empowers users to transform existing legacy applications in a gradual manner by rebuilding the app in parts. 

Webinars in the series

Demystifying the micro frontend paradigm


April 28, 2022


12.30 pm to 1.15 pm IST


With Prasanna N Venkatesan


We will cover what micro frontends are and break down a few common myths surrounding micro frontend architecture. We will also discuss how to solve challenges when kick-starting this journey. You will learn key ways to implement micro frontends alongside their pros and cons.

Technical considerations for micro frontend architecture


May 5, 2022


12.30 pm to 1.15 pm IST


With Vishal Sharma


We will cover how to authenticate each micro frontend and how to get them to talk to each other.

You will learn different tech considerations like authentication, cross micro frontend communication, design systems and their implementation techniques.


Non-functional requirements, team setups and micro frontend decision factors


May 12, 2022


12.30 pm to 1.15 pm IST


With Swapneel Vivek Desai


We will discuss the implementation of non-functional requirements such as performance, security and accessibility for micro frontends. You will learn about infrastructure-related lookouts like cost, scalability, pipelines and more.


We will help you understand key tenets of team building in the micro frontend ecosystem with a focus on how to build a knowledge-sharing culture within and across your teams.

Past webinars

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