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Welcome to the #TWISummit content hub. Your go-to repository for all session videos from the latest Tech Radar Summit.

2019 Session Videos

Tech Radar Vol 20: Deep Dive

By Bharani & Sudarshan

A deep dive into the latest edition of our opinionated guide to technology frontiers, that covers the themes; The Shifting Shape of Data, Terraforming an Ecosystem, Kotlin Klimbing and Leaking Encapsulation Boundaries.

Track 1: Journey to a CTO

By Sauvik Banerjee

Sauvik shares his journey of what it means to be a technology leader in this era. He is a technologist, enterprise architect, evangelist and entrepreneur by heart and has been recognized globally for his product building capabilities in technology over the last 18 years.

Track 1: Blockchain in Enterprise

By Himanshu Pandey

What does the journey of setting up of the world's first enterprise-level blockchain in the market look like? Here’s an overview of the challenges with the technology, to what went in, into making the final design and technical decisions to make it all work.

Track 1: Take the Pain out of Browser Automation!

By Nehashri & Soumya

Are you ready to challenge the existing beliefs centered around browser automation? Explore Taiko - a free and open source library that has a lean learning curve, with Easy APIs to quickly automate web applications and reduce test flakiness with a prerequisite of NodeJS.

Track 2: Scaling Systems - 1 Step at a Time

By Ranjan Sakalley

A journey through various failures and learnings to build reliable systems - starting from basic building blocks:

1. Hire the right people (failures and learnings)

2. Build the right teams (what is a good team?)

3. Languages and platforms

4. Continuous Delivery - Automation

5. Synchronous to eventually consistent systems

6. Cache misses

7. War rooms and more

Track 2: AI for Governance

By Dr Vivek & Samir

Artificial Intelligence is having an impact on all aspects of human life. This talk will explore ways in Artificial Intelligence can be used to improve the quality of governance. We will also discuss the pre-requisites to effectively deploy AI technologies to across various domains in governance. 

Track 2: Build Security In

By Harinee & Neelu

With agile and faster delivery becoming a norm, building security into the software is the best way to deliver secure software at the pace of DevOps. Then, what are the different people aspects, processes, practices and tools that uphold security seamlessly? 

Track3: Return of Reconfigurable Computing

By Harshal & Bhimsen

Custom-hardware development is known for its challenges related to development costs, pace of execution and manufacturing issues. This is where reconfigurable computing (also known as Field Programmable Gate Arrays or FPGAs) steps in for the rescue. What are its implications for the software development industry?

Track 3: A Journey on XR

By Nithya N

Most of us like a virtual/augmented reality experience. Then how about building games on it? This is a journey on XR development and the technology’s relevance outside the gaming industry.

Track 3: Embracing a Service Mesh

By Krishna & Arvind

Does your Microservices setup actually benefit you? Or are you bogged down with managing the network operations, observability, release management and more? A Service Mesh can actually help reduce operational complexity and manage your microservices better.

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