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Progressive workplaces have to encourage behaviour and thought that cannot be simply mandated by company policy.

Truly inclusive spaces will need to embrace the softer and more intangible elements of fair conduct like having no assumptions being made about anyone, and trusting team members to deliver on work, irrespective of their personal journeys.

Drawing from our continuously evolving journey as a diverse and inclusive organization, we present the ebook, Udeti - progress has no gender.

Udeti is a collection of stories about Thoughtworkers who happen to be women. Each story is one of grit, of a passion for technology and of trust.

We are not done. Not by a long shot.
Rebecca Parsons
Chief Technology Officer

Grab your copy of the ebook!

Download our eBook - Udeti and get inspired through true stories of women who are following their passion in technology.

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Here's your copy of "Udeti". We hope you find it insightful and inspiring.

We aspire to be an employer of choice for all because diversity powers our unified influence.

Meet Harinee

Throughout her life, Harinee Muralinath has demonstrated courage. Learn more about how she navigates her journey in technology.