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Podcast Title Image: Healthcare tech trends put the patient at the center

Healthcare tech trends put the patient at the center

Episode Highlights:


  • Holistic view of the patient: Traditionally, healthcare organizations have had to make decisions based on a partial view of patient data. By putting the patient at the center, there's an opportunity to create a holistic view of the patient through systems that are far more interoperable.

  • Healthcare and personal data: There is an emerging trend towards personal data stores, putting more control around your own data and work out when and what is shared.

  • Healthcare and wearables: The first thing there is our own desire for data, to better serve us in a timely way with the right level of support, healthcare interventions, and information because of that data can be more real-time.

  • Healthcare revolutionizing data and how it is captured and interpreted through artificial intelligence and machine learning. Explainable machine learning or artificial intelligence, systems that can actually display their reasoning about why they're offering an insight.

  • Processing large amounts of data in healthcare. Looking at things like averages in healthcare can actually be harmful sometimes. There's opportunities now with the technology because we can process data far better and far more personalized. 

  • Executives and proactive healthcare: We are looking at how we maximize the time that clinicians and clinical staff have, creating smoother workflows, systems that interoperate better, and also systems that can help people perform their task better. We see tools emerging like natural language processing, SMS text messaging helping with smoother processes between doctors and patients.

  • Revolution of preventative healthcare. There’s more to uncover such as improving the accessibility, inclusivity, and equality of healthcare service and the healthcare service provision, making that sustainable and the right ecosystems, but also thinking about the implications as for example, hostile technology.


    Read more in the full report: Looking Glass Healthcare

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