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Driving innovation with connected devices

Podcast host Tania Salarvand | Podcast guest Igor Bergman, VP of Software and Cloud, Lenovo
March 09, 2021 | 29 min 5 sec

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Brief summary

With more people working remotely, organizations are increasingly looking to connected technologies as the foundation for innovation and productivity in their workplace. Igor Bergman, VP of Software and Cloud at the Advanced Innovation Center at Lenovo, explores how to leverage insights from connected devices to enable better customer and employee experiences. If you are a business leader, wanting to drive customer-driven innovation in your organization, this is the podcast for you.


  • The common thing with the New Normal is "work from home", "study from home", "play from home." The common theme is “from home.” Data at home is being moved on a massive scale and the challenge for end users will become real around security and cybersecurity.
  • There is no smart home platform that connects all of these devices. AI and machine learning are playing a critical role, but being predictive is not good enough anymore. You have to be proactive, which means using AI not only to figure out the pattern, but to understand the possible mediation or value-adds to those events.
  • When it comes to user experience and customer experience, the most important thing is understanding user needs and user behaviors, and exactly what the user is doing and how it’s connected to the device they use. How do we need to design our products – software and hardware? What are the areas that we need to improve?
  • Team culture and innovation involves enabling people to drive their careers and their value into the company. Focusing on customer driven innovation means working around the environments that resolve your customer problems. Always start with the customer problems and let that drive the innovation and what is going to happen with our products and services.
  • Provide a user-centric development environment where 80% is already there -- the common services. Then the teams can focus on the top 20%. That means every time they can focus on creating incremental value for the customer, instead of spending to work on core features.
  • Lenovo's future focus is not only global to local and developing and delivering best-of-breed devices, but best-of-breed customer experiences. 
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