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Hero banner: Decision science to build resilient supply chains
Hero banner: Decision science to build resilient supply chains

Decision science to build resilient supply chains

Podcast host Karen Dumville | Podcast guest George Earle
April 12, 2022 | 22 min 34 sec

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Brief summary

Enterprises are under pressure to move to more sustainable business models. Looking closely at a company’s supply chain is an opportunity to identify areas of improvement for sustainable measures and cost savings. But the options to make adjustments across the supply chain are endless. George Earle, Global Commercial Director in Thoughtworks’ Office of the CTO, explains how a decision science approach helps in driving the decisions to maximize your environmental profile and your profitability, to ensure the desired impact. 

Episode highlights


  • The supply chain is a foundational area for companies seeking to get the full picture of their environmental profile. But, the options for change are endless and many organizations may find themselves overwhelmed.
  • With economic and political globalization, pandemics and climate change, now is the time to look at the supply chain and the business environmental impact. Political globalization is forcing governments and companies around the world to become more accountable and pay attention to ESG commitments.
  • Supply chain executives are looking at re-engineering, rebalancing their supply chain and using the international and logistical challenges as ways to help their companies recognize that the status quo isn't good enough.
  • The hyper-focus on cost efficiency and lean processes has left the supply chain extremely vulnerable to disruption from events such as COVID. Things such as logistical topology, technology modernization, sustainability adoption, business interruption resiliency can help handle things that are beyond their control.
  • Decision science can be used to understand and provide decision authority - to choose between different sustainability options across the supply chain and  can align the supply chain with their IT lifecycle. 
  • Adoption of sustainability should be viewed not as a policy requirement but as a competitive advantage. 
  • Decision science can support carbon reduction purchases that are profitable, as well as helping to improve logistical resilience and customer reputation. It helps select the right sustainability solutions that will save you money and increase your revenue. 
  • Learn more about the open source Cloud Carbon Footprint tool at cloudcarbonfootprint.org
  • Read more about taking a decision science approach in Transforming sustainability in your supply chain 



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