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Hero banner: The power of data and tech in the public sector
Hero banner: The power of data and tech in the public sector

The power of data and tech in the public sector

Podcast host Kimberly Boyd | Podcast guest Gina Loften
March 23, 2022 | 30 mins 42 secs

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Brief summary

Governments have access to large amounts of critical information that could be used to drive decisions in creating effective public systems and improve societies. The public sector is under immense pressure to make better use of their data and offer new data-rich services. This episode uncovers the critical aspects of creating an effective data strategy, and why it is so important that agencies get this right. 

Episode highlights


Gina Loften, a global executive, speaker, author, and board director joins us to discuss how the public sector can leverage an effective data strategy to better serve its citizens. Gina previously served as the chief technology officer for Microsoft US and has held senior executive positions in research development, sales, and consulting at Microsoft and IBM, including as a global public sector leader. 


  • Customers now trust digital and want to have it in all aspects of their engagements which is an opportunity for governments to think differently about new use of technology for citizen services. 

  • We have systems that democratize access to government services in a new and different way and the ability to provide services to citizens that were most vulnerable, those that couldn't engage in services before.

  • Real-time data and a defined data strategy helped us during the pandemic to be resilient and responsive. The presentation of data allowed leaders to provide real-time decision-making that was critical in saving lives.

  • The government can be innovative and forward-thinking by using technology for the services to provide to citizens and interact with citizens - such as AI, machine learning, voice bots, natural language tools, etc. 

  • A citizen-centric or customer-centric view is critical to complete the mission and serve the citizens of this nation. And because there are millions of citizens, you have insights that you can share to make their experience even better. 

  • The government has a focus on security and compliance that private organizations can learn from. 

  • Individuals give information to companies that they transact with more easily than they give it to government agencies because they feel organizations will bring value to them or make their lives easier. How can governments rise up in the value chain for citizens?

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