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Technology Podcast
Technology Podcast

Technology podcast

Our technology podcast plunges deep into the latest tech topics that have captured our imagination.


Join our panel of senior technologists to explore the most important trends in tech today. Get frontline insights into our work developing cutting-edge technology and hear more about how today’s tech megatrends will impact you.


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Themes from Technology Radar Vol.30   May 16, 2024 Building at the intersection of machine learning and software engineering   May 02, 2024 Refactoring with AI   April 18, 2024 How to measure your cloud carbon footprint   April 04, 2024 Technology through the Looking Glass: Preparing for 2024 and beyond   March 21, 2024 Diving head first into software architecture   March 07, 2024 Exploring the building blocks of distributed systems   February 22, 2024 Software-defined vehicles: The future of the automotive industry?   February 08, 2024 Beyond the DORA metrics: Measuring engineering excellence   January 25, 2024 Asynchronous collaboration: Getting it right   January 11, 2024 Looking back at key themes across technology in 2023   December 28, 2023 Leveraging generative AI at Bosch   December 14, 2023 Jugalbandi: Building with AI for social impact   November 30, 2023 AI-assisted coding: Experiences and perspectives   November 16, 2023 What's it like to maintain an award-winning open source tool?   November 02, 2023 Engineering platforms and golden paths: Building better developer experiences   October 19, 2023 Managing cost efficiency at scale-ups   October 03, 2023 Exploring SQL and ETL   September 21, 2023 Driving innovation in radio astronomy   September 07, 2023 XR with impact: Building experiences that drive business value   August 24, 2023 Leadership styles in technology teams   August 10, 2023 Making design matter in technology organizations   July 27, 2023 Generative AI and the future of knowledge work   July 13, 2023 Scaling mobile delivery   June 29, 2023 Making privacy a first-class citizen in data science   June 15, 2023 Multi-cloud: Exploring the challenges and opportunities   June 01, 2023 Scaling up at Etsy   May 18, 2023 TinyML: Bringing machine learning to the edge   May 04, 2023 The weaponization of complexity   April 20, 2023 How we put together the Technology Radar   April 06, 2023 Inside India's Drug Discovery Hackathon   March 23, 2023 Serverless in 2023   March 09, 2023 My Thoughtworks journey: Rebecca Parsons   February 23, 2023 How to tackle friction between product and engineering in scale-ups   February 09, 2023 6 key technology trends for 2023   January 26, 2023 Tackling system complexity with domain-driven design   January 12, 2023 Shifting left on accessibility   December 29, 2022 Data Mesh revisited   December 15, 2022 Low-code/no-code platforms: The 10% trap and the limits of abstractions   December 01, 2022 Welcome to the fediverse: Exploring Mastodon, ActivityPub and beyond [Special]   November 24, 2022 Rethinking software governance: Reflecting on the second edition of Building Evolutionary Architectures   November 17, 2022 Reckoning with the force of Conway's Law   November 03, 2022 Exploring the Basal Cost of software   October 20, 2022 Why full-stack testing matters   October 05, 2022 Acknowledging and addressing technical debt in startups and scale-ups   September 22, 2022 XR in practice: the engineering challenges of extending reality   September 08, 2022 Agent-based modelling for epidemiology: EpiRust and BharatSim   August 19, 2022 Mastering architectural metrics   August 12, 2022 Building a culture of innovation   July 28, 2022 Starting out with sensible default practices   July 14, 2022 Better testing through mutations   June 30, 2022 Patterns of legacy displacement — Part two   June 16, 2022 Patterns of legacy displacement — Part one   June 02, 2022 Mitigating cognitive bias when coding   May 19, 2022 Following an usual career path: from dev to CEO   May 05, 2022 Software engineering with Dave Farley   April 21, 2022 Tackling bottlenecks at scale-ups   April 07, 2022 Coding lessons from the pandemic   March 24, 2022 Is there ever a good time for a code freeze?   March 10, 2022 Navigating the perils of multicloud   February 25, 2022 Compliance as a product   February 10, 2022 The big five tech trends for 2022   January 27, 2022 Fluent Python revisited   January 13, 2022 Creating a developer platform for a networked-enabled organization   December 30, 2021 The art of Lean inceptions   December 16, 2021 The hard parts of data architecture   December 02, 2021 TDD for today   November 18, 2021 You can't buy integration   November 04, 2021 The rise of NoSQL   October 21, 2021 The hard parts of software architecture   October 07, 2021 Machine learning in the wild   September 24, 2021 Delivering innovation at scale   September 09, 2021 Securing the software supply chain   August 12, 2021 Making retrospectives effective — and fun   July 22, 2021 Patterns of distributed systems   July 08, 2021 Refactoring databases — or evolutionary database design   June 24, 2021 Making developer effectiveness a reality   June 10, 2021 Team topologies and effective software delivery   May 20, 2021 How green is your cloud?   May 07, 2021 Green software engineering   April 22, 2021 Twenty years of agile   April 08, 2021 Talking with tech leads with Pat Kua   March 25, 2021 My Thoughtworks Journey: Patricia Mandarino   March 11, 2021 Exploring infrastructure as code   February 25, 2021 XR in the enterprise   February 11, 2021 Getting to grips with data visualization   January 21, 2021 Computational notebooks: the benefits and pitfalls   January 07, 2021 The architect elevator   December 24, 2020 The future of Clojure   December 10, 2020 The future of digital trust   November 27, 2020 Integration challenges in an ERP-heavy world — Pt 2   November 12, 2020 Democratizing programming   October 28, 2020 Integration challenges in an ERP-heavy world   October 16, 2020 Models of open sourcing software   October 01, 2020 Applying software engineering practices to data science   September 17, 2020 Using visualization tools to understand large polyglot code bases   September 03, 2020 Machine learning in astrophysics   August 20, 2020 Programming languages geek out   August 06, 2020 Observability does not equal monitoring   July 23, 2020 Working with 50% of code in the browser   July 09, 2020 Realising the full potential of CD   June 25, 2020 Testing the user journey   June 12, 2020 Continuous delivery in the wild   June 01, 2020 Lessons from a remote Tech Radar   May 13, 2020 The future of Python   April 30, 2020 A sensible approach to multi-cloud   April 17, 2020 Digital transformation: a tech perspective   April 02, 2020 IT delivery in unusual circumstances   March 20, 2020 Continuous delivery for today's enterprise   March 06, 2020 Fundamentals of Software Architecture   February 21, 2020 Cloud migration — part two   February 10, 2020 The price of reuse   January 24, 2020 Towards self-serve infrastructure   January 13, 2020 Martin Fowler: my Thoughtworks journey   December 27, 2019 Building an autonomous drone   December 13, 2019 Cloud migration is a journey not a destination   November 28, 2019 Getting to grips with functional programming   November 14, 2019 Compliance as code   November 01, 2019 Data meshes: a distributed domain-oriented data platform   October 18, 2019 Edge — a guide to value-driven digital transformation   October 04, 2019 Tech choices: CIO or CTO?   September 20, 2019 Microservices as complex adaptive systems   September 05, 2019 Supporting the Citizen Developer   August 22, 2019 Getting hands-on with RESTful web services   August 08, 2019 Zhong Tai: innovation in enterprise platforms from China   July 25, 2019 What’s so cool about micro frontends?   July 11, 2019 Unravelling the monoglot monopoly   June 27, 2019 Breaking down the barriers to innovation   June 13, 2019 Delivering strategic architectural transformation   May 30, 2019 Exploring programming languages via paradigms vs labels   May 16, 2019 Multicloud in a regulated environment   May 03, 2019 Can DevSecOps help secure the enterprise?   April 18, 2019 A11Y — Making web accessibility easier   April 04, 2019 Continuous delivery for modern architectures   March 21, 2019 Delivering developer value through platform thinking   March 07, 2019 Architectural governance: rethinking the Department of ‘No’   February 21, 2019 Serendipitous Events   February 08, 2019 Diving into serverless architecture   January 24, 2019 Seismic Shifts   January 10, 2019 Understanding bias in algorithmic systems   December 28, 2018 Microservices: The State of the Art   December 14, 2018 Evolving Interactions   November 29, 2018 The state of API design   November 15, 2018 How we build the Tech Radar   November 01, 2018 IoT Hardware   October 18, 2018 Continuous Intelligence   October 04, 2018 Distributed systems antipatterns   September 13, 2018 Agile Data Science   August 23, 2018

Meet the team


The Thoughtworks Technology Podcast features a roster of regular co-hosts, plus a panel of guests from across the globe. Our regular hosts are:

Dr Rebecca Parsons
Dr Rebecca Parsons

Chief Technology Officer Emerita, Thoughtworks


Rebecca has decades of experience in application development across numerous industries and has a passion for all kinds of programming languages.

Neal Ford
Neal Ford

Director, Thoughtworks


Neal has published numerous books spanning a variety of subjects and technologies. Neal is also well known on the tech conference circuit, speaking at events across the globe.

Scott Shaw
Scott Shaw

Chief Technology Officer, Thoughtworks Asia-Pacific


Scott splits his time between helping to run the Thoughtworks business and consulting to customers on the topics of architecture, tech strategy and technology leadership.

Ken Mugrage, Thoughtworks
Ken Mugrage

Principal Technologist in Thoughtworks' Office of the CTO


Ken focuses on using technology to increase business effectiveness, as opposed to using the ‘latest cool thing’. He’s active in the DevOps movement and a frequent conference speaker.

Alexey Boas
Alexey Boas

Chief Technology Officer, Thoughtworks Latin America


Alexey has 15 years' experience as a developer, coach, team leader, IT manager and executive leader. As head of tech in Brazil he helps clients understand the impact tech can have for their business. 

Ashok Subramanian
Ashok Subramanian

Head of Technology, Thoughtworks Europe


Ashok has experience across the entire software development life cycle, with a strong focus on Lean/Agile Methods to enable teams to achieve continuous delivery of quality software. 

Lilly Ryan, Thoughtworks
Lilly Ryan

Head of InfoSec, Australia and New Zealand


Lilly helps Thoughtworkers to grow their security capabilities. Her main interest is in offensive security testing. She also works with Thoughtworks globally to develop security strategy, policies and education initiatives.

Birgitta Böckeler
Birgitta Böckeler

AI-Assisted Software Delivery Lead, Thoughtworks


Birgitta is a software developer, architect and technical leader who is passionate about helping teams and organizations break down complexity, and find new perspectives to look at their systems.

Prem Chandrasekaran
Prem Chandrasekaran

Head of Technology, Thoughtworks North American West and Canada


Prem specializes in the application of collaborative methods such as domain-driven design, extreme programming and continuous delivery to rapidly derive value and improve continuously.

Mike Mason, Thoughtworks
Mike Mason (Former host)

Chief AI Officer, Thoughtworks


Mike is responsible for the company’s strategic technology direction, building our technology organization and capability, and ensuring success of our client deliveries.


Zhamak Dehghani
Zhamak Dehghani (Former host)



Zhamak specializes in distributed systems architecture and digital platform strategy and was a member of the team that creates our biannual Technology Radar.

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