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Continuous delivery vs. continuous deployment: What should be the default?

Podcast host Prem Chandrasekaran and Birgitta Böckeler | Podcast guest Ken Mugrage and Valentina Servile
May 30, 2024 | 41 min 43 sec

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Brief summary

Despite occasional confusion, the difference between continuous delivery and continuous deployment is simple: should deploying to production be on demand or every good build? Answering which approach is 'best' is difficult; any attempt at dogmatism is likely to just look foolish, given it is, like many other debates in software development, context-dependent. But that doesn't mean we shouldn't try and unpick the issues at the heart of the discussion. It's all well and good saying the debate is context-dependent, but what does that actually mean in practice?


In this episode of the Technology Podcast, Ken Mugrage and Valentina Servile debate the merits of both continuous delivery and continuous deployment. Talking with hosts Prem Chandrasekaran and Birgitta Böckeler, they offer their perspectives on when and where both should be used — in making the case for their chosen approaches, they shed some much needed light on a discussion that every software engineering team should have.  


Learn more about Valentina Servile's book Continuous Deployment.

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