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An illustrated guide to autonomy

An illustrated guide to autonomy

An illustrated guide to autonomy

Autonomy is the aspiration that machines think and act independently, making decisions in place of humans.


We are already seeing drones and self-driving cars achieving some of these goals.


Autonomous systems can extend human capabilities using artificial intelligence. They are subject to the same hype and fear associated with AI. So the prospect of routinely encountering such machines in daily life is at once fascinating and terrifying. 


What features and uses do autonomous systems have? How do we know they are safe and trustworthy? Are we ready and prepared for large scale adoption?


This book explores the concept of autonomy, how it can positively impact  human lives, how it can be introduced with the right processes and support systems. We also examine its limitations and associated ethical issues.

The Illustrated Guide to Artificial Intelligence in this series is a recommended pre-read.

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