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The Next Big Disruption: Courageous Executives

There are many threats—and opportunities—facing businesses in this age of digital transformation: industry disruption from nimble startups, economic pressure from massive digital platforms, evolving security threats, and emerging technologies. Today’s era, in which all things are possible, demands a distinct style of leadership. It calls for bold individuals who set their company's vision and charge ahead in a time of uncertainty, ambiguity, and boundless opportunity. It demands courage.

Since 1993, Thoughtworks has partnered with enterprise organizations and leaders around the world to transform their businesses through technology. With thousands of executive relationships and transformational journeys, we’ve identified a unique segment of leaders we recognize as Courageous Executives.

Some are breathing new vitality into legacy enterprises, others are shaking up stale industries with new platforms and business models. They are boundless in their thinking, bold in their actions, and passionate about technology.

This is why we believe Courageous Executives are the next disruptive force in business, creating a powerful competitive advantage through their leadership style.

The next big disruption: Courageous Executives

In collaboration with Northstar Research Partners, we surveyed and interviewed successful C-suite leaders from a variety of industries in the U.S., U.K., India, and Australia. Through this research, we sought to quantify and examine our observations of Courageous Executives in order to better understand their attitudes and approaches to leadership.

The next big disruption: Courageous Executives

The results of this study are captured in a new report called The Next Big Disruption: Courageous Executives. This report examines the four imperatives through which Courageous Executives create a powerful competitive advantage for their businesses:
  • Driving Technology Transformation
  • Creating Cultures of Experimentation
  • Nurturing Customer Relationships
  • Shaping the Future of Work
I invite you to download the whole report to learn more.

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