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An illustrated guide to artificial intelligence

Take a look inside AI

We are already in an age where we believe that computers are smart and helpful. Are they intelligent? In this guide, we'll explore the ideas of what intelligence is — both human and machine. 

We will examine some goals for artificial intelligence (AI) and how it came to be since the 1950s. We will look at some common scenarios of how machines are "taught" to be intelligent and see that they differ a lot in the recipe-like structure of the programs that we are used to.


We will remind ourselves, along with the difficulty of defining intelligence, that intelligence is not without limitation. There are some aspects of human intelligence that might be hard or impossible to replicate in software. AI impacts human lives in a way that it raises hard questions about right and wrong, justice, fairness and deceit. This makes it natural to ask whether we can even trust AI and how might we go about it. 

And lastly, we will take a look at the profile of some of the women in AI who continue to make significant contributions.


Download this illustrated guide to keep and read offline.

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