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The secrets of successful digital transformation


A commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting, sponsored by Thoughtworks


Seventy-four percent of firms are undergoing digital transformation - or investigating one, but only 34% of CEOs reported success. Thoughtworks commissioned Forrester Consulting to explore what enables firms to execute successful enterprise modernization and/or digital transformation initiatives. The study surveying the views of 400+ technology leaders reveals:

The right talent is hard to come by regardless of how successful firms are with their enterprise modernization efforts. Successful firms recruit, invest and retain knowledgeable staff (71%) and work with trusted partners (76%) to compensate.

81% of decision-makers agree that utilizing a trusted partner’s skills/expertise is as or more important for success than the technology solution they provided.

Modernization efforts are not one and done initiatives. Decision-makers realize continuous improvement (81%) and dedicated budget (71%) are critical factors of success.

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Thoughtworks' Global Head of Customer Marketing, Kimberly Boyd was joined by guest speaker, Forrester VP and Principal Analyst Jeffrey Hammond to discuss the study's key findings and highlights.

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