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Thoughtworks Beacon: Build Your Own Radar

Building a technology radar can have surprising benefits for enterprises and technologists alike. It allows companies to assess their technology capabilities and needs over time. Equally importantly, it allows practitioners and executives to have a voice in the tech strategy of their organizations.

“Very rarely do bosses go to employees and ask them if they've made stupid decisions because nobody wants to call themselves stupid, and it's hard for employees to call bosses stupid when they make stupid decisions,” software architect Neal Ford points out. “But creating an objective assessment of technology gives you a way to provide that feedback without calling anyone any sort of names.”

Rachel Laycock, co-head of technology for Thoughtworks North America, agrees. In her view, a technology radar helps to push decision-making down to where it makes sense for an organization.

In this podcast for IT organizations on building your own technology radar, Neal, Rachel, and Jonny Leroy discuss the practical aspects of building a radar, how it can benefit organizations and practitioners, and why it can spur teams to experiment and innovate.

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