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Over the last few years, the COVID-19 pandemic has created significant challenges for Healthcare Organizations (HCOs). This event exposed and amplified many underlying constraints within healthcare. Many HCOs are exploring technical solutions to enable trusted analytics at the point of care so clinicians are empowered to drive value-based outcomes for patients.


Thoughtworks partners with HCO’s to align and deliver technical solutions  supporting them to provide the best possible care for patients. We are an industry leader  focused on implementing solutions to improve the patient and clinician experience. AWS enables HCO’s to accelerate  transforming their organization to use cloud services to manage their data products at scale with purpose-built partner solutions.

Together, AWS and Thoughtworks empower HCO’s to deliver better patient outcomes and business results - by seamlessly integrating healthcare technology solutions to democratize trusted analytics across their enterprise. Data products are foundational for HCOs to increase equitable access to care and enable care program efficacy. Our approach empowers HCO’s to scale capabilities they need to tackle their biggest operational challenges.

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