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go continuous delivery now available as free open source

Thoughtworks Announces Go Continuous Delivery Platform Now Available as Free Open Source

Empowering Software Teams to Become Lean, Agile and Innovative

Thoughtworks, a global technology company, today announced that Go™ software will now be freely available under the Apache 2.0 open source license. Go enables continuous delivery, making it possible for organizations to get ahead of the competition and make the software release process a business advantage.


Today’s announcement builds upon Thoughtworks’ commitment to helping organizations continuously improve and deliver quality software.  Today’s hypercompetitive business environment requires rapid innovation and maintaining a steady flow of the most important work between all roles. One of the toughest delivery obstacles is the ubiquitous silo.  Go breaks down these silos, providing all teams a clear view of the delivery pipeline, slashing inefficiencies and redundancy.


“I'm delighted that Thoughtworks is releasing Go as free, open source software,” said Jez Humble, Principal Consultant at Thoughtworks and co-author of Continuous Delivery. “Our intent is that Go becomes part of the standard open source devops toolchain. This will serve our wider goal here at Thoughtworks of making continuous delivery standard practice across the  industry.”


"Thoughtworks’ Go is the heart of our continuous delivery platform.  Go is the central tool that integrates our continuous delivery pipeline into one cohesive visualization.  It allows us to see the progression and status of our artifacts from check-in to deployment. Go is an exceptional continuous delivery tool and we are excited about this new chapter for Thoughtworks and the open source community,” said John Esser, Director of Engineering Productivity at Ancestry.com.  “Go becoming open source will allow many to contribute to the platform and offer the ability to supply more concrete suggestions in the way of features and functionality.  I am excited by the evolution of Go and to see how the larger community can leverage the best ideas and create a more robust continuous delivery platform.”


Continuous delivery focuses on accelerating the rate at which we can learn from each other - and from our customers.  At Thoughtworks we believe in sharing what we learn to help our industry improve.  

Go™ will be available as an open source project very soon. In the meantime you can download and use it for free.