By ThoughtWorks: 2019 Highlights

Highlights from the By ThoughtWorks tech talk series in 2019

Taking place over the past year in three Australian cities, ‘By ThoughtWorks’ tech talk series was packed with insightful talks, discussions and networking. As always, hands-on technology was at the top of the list with ThoughtWorkers and guest speakers taking our community through a wide range of technology topics such as machine learning, cloud-riven innovation and conversations around ethically aware decision making. Here are our top five ‘By ThoughtWorks’ highlights from 2019

1. “It’s not the big fish which eats the small fish. It’s the fast fish which eats the slow fish” Klaus Schwab

To gain a competitive edge, or maybe discover a new market, many big (and often slow) organisations are investing in innovation as a response to digital disruptions. In his talk, Samuel shared real-life examples where cloud services and modern web frameworks have helped to support rapid prototyping and implementation.

2. It’s essential to compare best practices for ML engineering with traditional software development.

Lex explored some of the emerging best practices for machine learning engineering in his talk and looked at how they compare to those of traditional software development. He covered topics including product management, research and development, deployment, QA, and lifecycle management of machine learning projects.

3. Compliance doesn’t have to be a dirty word.

Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Delivery (CD) are nothing new; but learning more about how to do them better is where we should be focusing our energy. In Charles Korn’s talk, he shared approaches to why you should only have two environments and why you shouldn't be testing in big integrated environments.

4. We still need to encourage and celebrate women in STEM

We celebrated the achievements of women in STEM by hosting a special edition of ‘By ThoughtWorks’ across all three cities on Ada Lovelace Day (8 October). We featured both ThoughtWorkers and guest speakers for this year’s theme, STEM through the ages. They shared their career journeys with practical tips on how to navigate the industry at various stages.

5. There’s no easy way to fully understand what software architecture is.

In his guide for the uninitiated; explained for the layman, Fendy shared just enough to get the audience started on his take on what "just enough" knowledge is. He delved into what software professionals need to know about the general principles of software architecture. He covered the essentials of software architecture and aspects teams should be thinking about.