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Partnership with Shanghai Huarui Bank to deliver a first-in-class mobile product|Thoughtworks
Shanghai Huarui Bank

Delivering a first-in-class mobile product in just 15 weeks

Shanghai Huarui Bank is one of the top five privately owned banks in China, with a vision to revolutionize the banking industry.

Huarui Bank is focusing on mobile strategy due to the boom of the Mobile Internet in China. They have built their main business channel on WeChat, QQ and Weibo, and has become widely known as the “Bank in WeChat”.

Thoughtworks and Huarui Bank established a partnership in developing an Internet Product called 'Jimi'. This app is the first online deposit box for the storage of users’ digital assets created by a bank, also an extension of traditional physical deposit box.

By launching this application, Huarui Bank desires to obtain users from the online channel and turn them into real customers to gain revenue in a more diversified environment.

'Jimi' allows users to 'deposit' their passwords of different channels including social media, online financial management platforms and more using a national-level safety protection system. Users can also upload their important files onto 'Jimi' or transfer them through third-party platforms such as WeChat, or their own phone albums.

In just three weeks we analysed the product architecture; in seven weeks the UAT of two core versions was done, and by week 11 the beta was launched publicly for the two core versions. That's just 15 weeks total to build the app. 

We believed that everything we built should stick to the methods of "Customer First” and provide our customers with unique experiences. That’s why we chose Thoughtworks as our innovation partner. They delivered the app using an agile approach, but also ensuring a first-class user experience in just 15 weeks
General Manager of Information Technology Department, Shanghai Huarui Bank

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