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Sean McClure

Sean McClure

Data Scientist

As a Data Scientist and senior consultant at Thoughtworks Sean helps companies use data-driven approaches as a strategic advantage. Using his expertise in scientific research and advanced analysis Sean builds self-learning tools that help automate decision-making and uncover patterns in large amounts of data. Sean specializes in drawing connections between the approaches used in Data Science and the challenges organizations face.


Prior to joining Thoughtworks Sean ran his own advanced analytics practice where he helped convert enterprise data into actionable tools. By leveraging data-smart architectures, advanced scientific models and adaptive software Sean worked with retail, finance and oil & gas industries to help them compete analytically.


Sean holds a Ph.D. in computational materials chemistry. His research was in the field of scientific computing and involved the modeling and analysis of complex chemical systems for nanotechnology-based devices. His background applies to advanced computer simulation, algorithm development, parallel computing, storing and search of massive chemical datasets, and the mathematical description of chemical dynamics as they pertain to molecular design. Sean is published
 in a number of peer-reviewed journals, holds two patents, and has presented at conferences across North America.


Sean is also an avid writer and public speaker, speaking on topics related to using data science to solve some of today's toughest challenges.