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Ammara Gafoor

Lead Business Analyst

I joined Thoughtworks as a Business Analyst in 2018. In this role I primarily hold leadership positions in the healthcare digital transformation industry tapping into my decade long experience in software engineering, biotechnology and business management. Since 2020, I have the added responsibility of being a Delivery Principal for some of our client accounts.  


Before Thoughtworks, I ran my own company (analytics for HR professionals) and worked in leadership roles in the healthcare IT sector. 


I am passionate about breaking stereotypes and increasing the representation of Hijabi women  in the technology industry. I am currently an Advisor for the Qatar Women's Startup and Incubator Program. I also volunteer for the "girls - let's dream big initiative" and support the educational journey of several young girls.


I live in Cologne, Germany and have recently found the joy of long distance running, exploring the many beautiful trails of my city.