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Open and Ready to Mingle - Part 1 - RESTful APIs

We offer a variety of ways for you to extend Mingle and integrate it with other products that you use, to create custom experiences,  reports and features. We start off this blog series with one key way of extending Mingle: using RESTful APIs.

Extending Mingle with RESTful APIs

RESTful APIs offer a convenient way to integrate systems and products. Mingle provides a RESTful API through which you can access and manipulate various kinds of data. These APIs support integration with other products such as Jira and Bugzilla (via our partners OpsHub and Tasktop) and SD Elements.
Mingle 13.1 continues our design to have Mingle be an open and extensible product to fit into your software development ecosystem. It adds APIs for planning program objectives in Mingle Plus. This allows you to gather data about events related to planned objectives, as well as to programmatically create, delete and update planned objectives.


This video showcases how the Mingle Planned Objective API automatically syncs your card walls with your planned objectives.

How can you extend Mingle further?

Share your examples on our Mingle extension forum on the Studios Community. And stay tuned for other ways including using OpenSocial Gadgets and custom macros.

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