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Thoughtworks and AWS: Collaborating to reinvent tomorrow

Thoughtworks and AWS: Collaborating to reinvent tomorrow

For almost 30 years, Thoughtworks’ purpose has been to create extraordinary impact for our customers and society, and amplifying positive social change. We’ve tackled major industry challenges such as modernizing enterprise technology investments while driving awareness and advancing thinking around complex and critical topics such as inclusivity, privacy and sustainability.


Through tackling our customers’ biggest problems, we discovered new solutions and breakthroughs — leading some of the biggest shifts in development and technology.


From agile development and continuous integration to continuous delivery and evolutionary architecture, to groundbreaking work through microservices,  Thoughtworkers have been behind the development and evolution of practices that define our industry today. So, when it comes to choosing technology partners, we need to see the same thing from them — a commitment to challenging the status quo and continuously creating new solutions to solve modern problems with a focus on customer needs and business outcomes. 


It’s that alignment of outlooks, shared commitment to innovation, and willingness to continuously imagine and deliver stronger customer centric solutions that makes our collaboration with Amazon Web Services (AWS) powerful. 


Thoughtworks and AWS: A collaboration with purpose


By combining our unique approach to digital problem-solving and industry-defining innovations and ideas with the robust cloud platform and unmatched suite of customizable solutions from AWS, we’re helping organizations of all kinds modernize their businesses.


We don’t want to just lift and shift today’s application to the cloud. We want to help businesses rise to new challenges at every level of their organization. That means rebuilding, refactoring and redesigning processes and technology in a way tailored to them, their internal stakeholders, their customers, and the world they operate in.


Thoughtworks brings visionary consulting, design and product thinking coupled with software engineering excellence to help businesses create bespoke, high-value modernization strategies. AWS brings the technology foundation, builder mentality, and ecosystem needed to bring those strategies to life. 


Flexible digital platform feeds SONIC’s customer connections


At SONIC, when the company wanted to modernize its operations, it didn’t just want to increase scalability and add a few new basic digital functions for customers. It wanted to find ways of weaving innovative technology into its experiences to stand out from the crowd. Together, Thoughtworks and AWS made that happen, building transformational new capabilities on top of a highly-flexible cloud platform, giving SONIC everything it needed to drive customer-centric innovation on its terms.


By designing and implementing an enterprise digital platform strategy on AWS, we enabled SONIC to experiment and innovate freely — so the company can add new services and evolve as quickly as its customers and their preferences do. By adopting an API-first strategy, the platform empowers teams right across SONIC to envision, create, and optimize highly engaging and satisfying experiences for customers and other stakeholders.


US Coalition on Sustainability: Collective sustainable action powered by technology

Recently, Thoughtworks and AWS’ unique combination of skills, vision and capabilities has also come together to enable some incredible results for The US Coalition on Sustainability (USCS), a non-profit that operates like a tech start-up, has a mission to accelerate progress on achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by 2030. They partnered with Thoughtworks to bring their idea for a new digital platform, SustainChain™, to life. The groundbreaking peer-to-peer platform brings together brands, innovators and impact investors matched on common goals and focus areas to engage, share and achieve their sustainable development goals, together.


The platform answers an immediate global social need; the ability to get the right people and resources together to drive sustainability at speed. So, when we began planning the project, we knew that AWS was the ideal cloud foundation to deliver the scalability, ease of authentication and rapid content delivery speed needed to make USCS’s technical vision for the platform a reality.


As the USCS team focuses on expanding the SustainChain™ community and building an analytics engine and intelligence that can accelerate action at scale, Thoughtworks and AWS are both incredibly excited for our continued partnership with USCS as we progress on our journey to drive sustainability through technology.


How we’re reinventing tomorrow


Change and evolution are in the DNA of both Thoughtworks and AWS. So far, we’ve seen amazing results in a huge range of modernization and enterprise transformation projects. But we’re always striving to do more.


Today, we’re exploring new ways to drive organizations toward reimagined outcomes. Thoughtworkers are using AWS technology to advance their work in emerging domains such as Data Mesh that promise to put more data into the hands of people that need it most. AWS is evolving its own ecosystem to support the enterprises of tomorrow. And together, we’re exploring new ways to build sustainable foundations for a modern digital business.


See the power of our partnership in action at AWS re:Invent 2021


From November 29 to December 3, Thoughtworks will be joining AWS, AWS customers, partners, and the cloud computing ecosystem in Las Vegas for AWS re:Invent 2021. We can’t wait to meet more of you, and showcase the amazing things we’ve been working on together and discuss how we can deliver extraordinary impact together in the future as well.


At the event, you’ll be able to visit us at booth #1528, where we will carbon offset your trip to re:Invent through our partnership with Tradewater. Through this initiative, we will be responsible for eliminating 2,000 tons of greenhouse gases. In addition to this, you’ll get to hear from Thoughtworks Director of Data and AI for North America, John Spens, as he showcases the power and potential of Data Mesh in a live session on December 1 at 10:30AM at the Houdini Partner Theater on the Expo Floor at The Venetian.


We’ll also be sponsoring Code Green! The Sustainability Data Hackathon and Workshop at the event on December 29 (8AM-8PM), where you can work on your ideas for creating more sustainable cloud services and infrastructure, and watch green cloud innovation happening live.


re:Invent is always a great opportunity to see what AWS and its global partners are doing to lead innovation and imagine new solutions to emerging challenges. It’s something we really can’t wait to be part of, and we’re excited to share our latest Data Mesh, modernization, customer experience, and green cloud advances with you all.


If you’d like to learn more about the Thoughtworks and AWS partnership, and what work we are undertaking together could mean for your business, visit https://www.thoughtworks.com/about-us/partnerships/aws/reinvent and book a meeting with us during the event. Or, just come along and chat to us at our booth at re:Invent 2021.


Disclaimer: The statements and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the positions of Thoughtworks.