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Can your teams use their own processes? (Yes, in Mingle)

The spread of Agile practices into large enterprises in recent years has forced a conversation regarding the degree of standardization that should be applied to their adoption. While our collective experience in industry has shown that all projects are not alike, we tend to govern them the same way. 

In his blog entry, “All Projects are not the same,” our colleague, Jim Highsmith, captures this dilemma quite nicely and suggests that rather than look at the traditional measures of scope, schedule, and cost to govern project success, we should consider them constraints. He also recommends that we consider how we measure the reduction of uncertainty in the project.

Mingle screenshot of event management
Such thought has been very helpful for us at Studios Mingle to further our support of adaptive software development. Mingle Plus extends Mingle’s support for you and your team’s unique development workflows and styles to the program level, allowing you to manage programs flexibly while meeting compliance and reporting needs with just enough process and data consistency.

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